IRIS is headquartered in Istanbul with over 30 years experience in construction business. The company specialized in civil engineering, especially in the construction of highways, roads, airports, pipelines and infrastructure, mining, commercial and industrial buildings.

IRIS has employed a wide range of distinguished and qualified professionals with a background in civil engineer, architect, mechanical engineer, master of business administration. The machinery park includes high-end technology machines, tools and equipment owned by IRIS.

Our company has completed the work in various international and local projects before the due date, without compromising on the quality and safety.

Quality Management, Environmental Protection, and Safety Standards prioritized in corporate culture. IRIS converted these standards and strategies into Efficient Management and Control Tools in its growth strategy.

As IRIS Company hereby we submit our interest in working with you for any current and future projects. IRIS is committed in working professionally and confidentiality thus, we give assurance to finish the works on time with requested quality standards.