We believe that our employees are at the heart of our success. Health and safety of our employees is our priority. Based on our equal opportunity policy, all our employees are equally valuable to us within the scope of occupational health and safety.

We establish sincere, honest and transparent relationships at all levels. We listen to the voices of our employees and support their suggestions on the subject of occupational health and safety as in every subject, and benefit from their contributions. Thus, we embrace the culture of occupational health and safety together.

We make a difference: we do not give up pioneering. We follow other legal and sectoral regulations and lead in implementation. We regularly inspect all our occupational health and safety practices and check their compliance. We identify risks that affect our employees and all our stakeholders. By doing root cause analysis, we place the culture of prevention. Based on our human-first principle, we ensure that all our employees participate in occupational health and safety training programs that meet their needs, and we raise our stakeholders about these issues and take action.

We believe that the way to succeed is to be fast, result-oriented and flexible. By maintaining this belief with our culture of occupational health and safety, we take quick action on everything that affects human life.

In our construction services, it is our common responsibility to protect human health and safety by preventing occupational accidents and occupational diseases, to continuously improve our occupational health and safety performance, and to increase efficiency in a happy and peaceful manner